Hi there I'm Mike
the in house photographer @ Oooze Creative.
Hi there My names Emma
I'm a Client Accounts Manager
Im sure we'll rub shoulders together very soon…
My name is Imy,
I'm the Client Service manager,
nice to meet you! Please ride right through
and say "hi" to the rest of the team.
Rash, hi there,
Me and Emma pretty much do the same thing,
only I reckon I'm better :)
Hi I'm Andy
One of the wizards of Oooze.
Hi I'm Andy
nice to meet you,
i'm one of the Graphic Design wizards of Oooze,
very likely I'll be working on your project at some point or the other.
Hello I'm Elliot
Social media accounts (SMO) is my forte, you'll be crawling all over the social media
account pages, like Spidy
if I had anything to do with it.
Hello I'm AL
Business Relations is what I do
send me an email if you need to work with
the wizards of Oooze
Hi i'm Chris the web & graphic design wizard @ Oooze, I'll have you crawling all over the web in no time!